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Bored Lol

Can't remember the last time I did anything on my LJ and I think it is dying a sad death... Anyway, was bored and decided what the heck and blingeed the crap out of some pics. Lol...

Super girly blingee?
girly blingee pictures


Halloween party...

Today has been freaking humid, I wish it would just rain already. The only part of the rainy season I don't like is the humidity. >.< It can drag on for the whole day sometimes. Makes me feel completely unproductive honestly. Anyway, monday is a public holiday so I am looking forward to that. 

I feel kind of guilty every time I go stalk people because I'm reminded how long it's been since any REAL entries i've posted. Sigh...

Anyways... I had a tiny halloween get together with some friends, mostly cos it's exam season so I'm DYING from the workload and projects... Yeah. Here are some of the pics. As are most of the parties I plan, everything is made by me (with the help from a reliable assistant this time)! Haha... I found those rip cupcakes to be my personal favorite. :3

Many of the ideas were borrowed from this amazingly talented person: http://mermag.blogspot.com/

Partly cos I was outta creative juice having to come up with decor for my aunt's 50th pretty close to halloween. Oh, and exams of course. And then of course, Christmas is coming up... I have to get my card making stash out soonish... 

Ghostatoes! With bacon bits for eyes. I thought they were adorable but a friend mentioned it kinda creeped her out cause it looked like they just had bleeding eye sockets... Didn't stop her from eating them though! XD

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I am officially 21

I always seem to end up having my birthday on a weekday with school so my party has never been on my actual birthday before. Any how, I had a really great party with people, then today on the actual date, I went by myself to the Singapore Zoological gardens because it's a free entry on your birthday. The animals were as adorable as ever, pygmy hippo, squirrel monkeys, otters, white tigers, jaguars etc :3

Was nice to get some time to myself for a change. 

It's really late so proper post tomorrow... School has just restarted and I am a headless chicken once more. My school is an hour and a half away and my school starts at 8.30 so once again it's back to waking up at 6 am... XD

Have a pic of squirrel monkeys! :D

Cheese cupcake pics

 Should have posted these with my previous entry but... I only just figured out my phone's bluetooth... lol

Here, have some virtual cheesecake! :D

Starting school again today...

Sheesh, where did my holiday go? Sigh, 12 days of kim possible marathons, sherlock fanfic, art projects and long overdue outings with rarely seen besties and it's time for the summer semester. Though, with only three classes, or four if I decide to take philosophy after all it will be a breeze compared to the last one... So I'm not really all that annoyed. Though traveling will be ick as usual. 

Amazingly all my classes start at 3.30 or 12 except for one that starts at 8.30 on friday. Which means I can sleep in pretty much everyday... which is AWESOME. :D

Also, I just make a big batch of cheese cupcakes. They are soooooo good!

Here's the recipe I used. 

Easy and no bake. Tastes a lot like mousse which I love... Maybe I could try making a chocolate version... :P



Love the video... Have no idea what she's singing though... haha... :)

Still getting used to the post exam adrenaline free life again. Mugs of milk tea and the recent rainy nights along with the jasmine trees outside are helping me on the way. :P


Chinese New Year!

 It's that time of the year again! Today is the eve of the new year and Reunion Dinner is tonight. I just finished decorating the house, nothing over the top, just a few hong bao chains and paper lanterns with hong bao fishies... 

I love chinese new year! <3 I can't wait till tomorrow when the visiting period starts! I'll get to go to my great grandmother's house and visit all my relatives, especially those I rarely see. And the FOOD. Mwahaha!

This is the first year when I actually got my own new clothes by myself... before this year, my mom usually went and bought our clothes. It's traditional to buy at least two new outfits for the first and second day of the new year. The first day is for visiting the father's side of the family, the second for the mother's side. I love my clothes and 'cos I went and got them at the very last minute I had good luck finding really good deals. Like 70% discounts for the new year! Yay!

Home Sweet Home!

 I just came back from my ten day stay in Taiwan! It was really cold there! Like, it went as low as eight degrees C at night... Of course that's probably not that cold for a lot of people but it was my first time somewhere with cold temperatures so that was fun. Sadly caught some flu bug and spent christmas eve, the day before christmas eve and part of christmas in bed with fever. Plus I was coughing and blowing my nose constantly. I've still got a slight cough. Anyway, apparently the custom there is to wear  mask if you're sick so you don't spread it to others but I never got around to buying one and just used loads of tissue. The people there are super nice and I had many people on the street and taxi drivers offer me lozenges and cough drops! It was very sweet...

Went to the jade market and bought pretty stones and jade pieces to work with. I also went to the night market, Shilin ye shi. Bought lots of snacky things there. The deep fried chicken is especially delish. They put powdered chilli, white pepper and plum powder on it? I dunno exactly what's on that stuff, but it is addictive.

Also went up this mountain called Jinshan. You could see steamy sulfur clouds coming up because there's a volcano and hot springs there. On the mountain there was this sculpture garden and art museum showcasing Ju Ming's art which was pretty cool. Spent like there 2 hours. :P There are a ton of sculptures that just invite camwhoreing. Seriously. My cousin and brother posed at every opportunity. it was hilarious.

And I was led to this cool vintage jewelry shop by my aunty called Vintage trade... Bout three pieces and discovered all the stuff I liked was from the 70's period which was kinda funny. 

While on the plane back I spent pretty much the entire trip listening to music. I think I memorized the entirety of Katy Perry's album word for word. I especially love the songs Firework, Pearl and Who Am I living For. 

I dunno why but I love the feeling when the plane is landing. I feel like going "wheeeeeeee!!!" XD My poor mom and brothers on the other hand hate it. They get motion sickness and stuff. 

It's great to be back home. I totally missed my bed, to say nothing of the internet! XD

Hope everyone had a great christmas! :)

Cup cakes!!!

 Yeah, baked some for my mom's party. I bought new icing tips and I love the way they make my icing look so fluffy! <3 Cupcakes make me happy... Marzipan flowers were so fun to make. But they taste awful. I dunno, I can't stand the stuff. I gave them to my fourth aunt who prefers the marzipan to the actual cupcake. XD

Mint cream cheese icing and chocolate chip cupcakes... :3

Raspberry butter cream icing with white chocolate chips.

I love these cupcake liners from ikea. I should buy more, I on;y have two left. Which mind bogglingly means I have made 98 cupcakes in the past month because I bout two packs of fifty liners. Lol, it's a wonder I haven't gained like five kg. XD But to be fair, I didn't eat them by myself... :P

Sherlock recs and ramblings and mini rant

 Wow, it's been forever since I posted something here... *huge clouds of dust* I do check up here every now and then but i just couldn't think of anything to write. School has been hectic lately. And now I totally despise myself because I hate that excuse coming from my RL friends. -_- I've started posting stuff on Facebook way more often 'cos I don't have to think about posts and I got lazy... which is bad. So yus. No more slacking... XD

Hmmm, lately I've gotten hooked on the BBC Sherlock fandom, something that took me forever according to my best friend, who has had an obsession with anything to do with Sherlock Holmes since forever. I have to admit, when I heard there were only three episodes I was rather meh about watching it but then I did and it was AWESOME. So far the fanfiction has definitely lived up to the series, it's near impossible finding an OOC one. Sherlock/Watson are so cute together, seriously. They are my new addiction... 

If anyone happens to like the series too here are some recs:

The Perils of Urban Warfare by phantomjam 

"The Trick Is To Make It Look Easy" by paperclipbitch 

Of Siblings, Sociopaths and Rabbits by cyberscribbles 

Thought Experiments by entangled_now 

The Second Law of ThermodynamicsThe Art of NegotiationThe Definition of Insanity and The Rules also by entangled_now 

I also had my birthday party sometime last month and I have lots of shiney pictures that I spent an hour and a half trying to upload on this post... I managed up to 7 pics before the thing hung and I lost all of it. GAH. *bangs head against wall* There is nothing quite so aggravating as being told that the Internet connection 'appears to be working' by the Network Diagnostic when it bloody well isn't. *glares* So, pictures shall wait until I can get a decent connection. Ie, not in my house. I have no idea what's up with my house connection lately. It takes five minutes to load a page. I have a sneaking suspicion it's because my mom and bros keep watching shows online and leaving their laptops on while they load, THEN CONVENIENTLY FORGETTING ABOUT IT AND GOING TO BED. I'm pretty bad at this technology stuff but I'm sure that would slow down the internet somewhat. >.>

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